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Why Does Energy Matter?

Energy flows where attention goes. #energyflow

Have you ever experienced that moment when you're riding a bike, something catches your attention in another direction, and as you start to look, your bike is now leading you off the trail towards that direction...🤦‍♀️

We all have the ability to tap into our energy healing source. However, there are many stressors moving around us in the world that influence us, whether we know it or not. Those stressors, like work, family, traffic, injustice, politics, disasters, pandemics, etc., impact us not just on a physical, emotional, and mental level, but also on an energetic level. You see, everything is made of energy, including us. When stressors are absorbed, our nervous system moves into a fight/flight/freeze response. Normally, this response is healthy and necessary for our survival. Unfortunately, we get stuck in this response for a longer period of time than our bodies are meant to handle. Because of this, energy gets stuck. You may experience this in different ways: maybe it's a headache, tension, pain, difficulty with verbal or physical expression, sadness, confusion, frustration, indigestion...this list isn't all inclusive, but you can get the idea of what this might feel like.This is why it's important to bring awareness to our energy and how it's impacted. #selfawareness

Here is one thing we can practice:

Find a comfortable seat (or lie down) and close your eyes. Take a few slow breaths through your belly and up through your chest. Breath in love and kindness for yourself. When you exhale, make it as long as you can and let out all of the air. Envision yourself letting these stressors go. Let your thoughts wander, observe them without judgment, and keep breathing slowly. Notice how you are feeling, internally and externally without judgment. Continue breathing until you start to feel a shift.

Simply creating a safe space to breathe in kindness and love can help us shift our energy and release anything that is not serving us. #breathing #kindness #selflove

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