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Here are some of my latest offerings. Let me know if you have any questions or want to discuss further! See all upcoming events online and locally in San Diego here.

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Self Love with Reiki & Meditation: Come Home to Your Whole Self

3 Part Course to Reconnect with Yourself, Boost Self-Esteem, Cultivate Self-Compassion, and Live Whole-Heartedly with more Joy, Love, and Purpose
Donation Based - Value of $297


Discover self-love, heal with Reiki, and experience inner harmony & holistic well-being in this transformative course.

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5 Steps to Shift Your Mindset & Unhealthy Thought Patterns

Come back to self-compassion and confidence with this free guide


"Be miserable, or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, is always your choice." -Wayne Dyer

How to Shift Your Mindset - Free Guide

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Sleep Recovery & Stress Relief - Yoga Nidra

6 week Yoga Nidra program to improve sleep, relaxation, and cultivate balance and harmony.

-Improve your sleep

-Reduce stress & anxiety

-Learn practices to help you function at a higher level and feel more centered and grounded

-Boost energy, vibration, self-awareness


9 Yoga Nidra practices to support your nervous system and well-being (audio & written)

$77 (value $177)

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Rest & Reset

Monthly Community Healing Class on Zoom
Guided Meditation and Reiki

$20 suggested donation 

Every 4th Thursday of the month | 6pm PST / 7pm MST


-Deep relaxation and stress relief

-Improved sleep and overall well-being

-Enhanced mental clarity and focus

-Connection to inner wisdom and community

-Heightened self-awareness and personal growth

5 Day Movement Challenge
Shake 'N Wake

Join me for this 5 day challenge to move energy, cultivate joy, improve vitality, connect with your body, nurture self love, and strengthen the mind. 

*No dance experience is required*

This is for you if...

*You've been inactive and want to start moving your body again

*You're interested in learning how to dance or already love to dance

*Need something to spark your creativity

*Want to connect mind and body

*Want to establish a routine and movement practice*

*You feel sluggish or low in energy

What you'll get:

*5 fun, low impact, easy to learn videos dropped to your inbox daily (15 minutes or less)

*Light stretching & movement to help you feel grounded

*Breath-based movement to connect to your body

*Reiki hand positions and guidance to help reset your whole system.

*Weekly individualized check ins to see how you're doing.

Exchange: $25.00 USD

Whoo hoo, you're in! Check your email or your spam folder for confirmation.​

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