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Meet Chelsea

Reiki Healer Master Teacher

Yoga Nidra Instructor

Certified Health Coach

Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur

Hi! Thanks for coming by!

I'm a Reiki Master Teacher and Certified Health Coach, fusing science with spirituality, mindfulness with coaching, and nutrition with some damn good food. My B.A. is in Psychology & Sociology, I have a background in nutrition, weight loss counseling, barre fitness, dance instruction, and integrative healing modalities.​ The reason why I'm here and founded The Whole Self, LLC is because I believe it's possible for every person to live life fuller, happier and healthier.

Before I started The Whole Self, I went through many years feeling depressed, unhappy and unhealthy. I didn't know where to start with all of that until I found nutrition, weight loss counseling, and group exercise classes. My relationship with my body and with food changed as I realized how much I valued real food and the way it made my body feel. I found a passion for cooking in an easy, healthy way, while still making it taste good! I'm no chef, but I do make a mean pad-thai. This is body.


I graduated from an Emotional Intelligence program that helped me identify past traumas and experiences that were holding me back and creating unrealistic expectations of myself - I started recognizing self-limiting beliefs, negative talk, binge eating patterns, co-dependence...

Meet childhood and adolescence. Sound familiar? I now practice meditation every day and have been exploring Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) and incorporating breathwork into my practice. This is mind.


Four years ago I found Reiki (or it found me really), a Japanese method of energy work that offers healing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. In discovering Reiki, I became more aware of my emotions and where they were coming from, and I am able to connect with others and myself better. Reiki helps me get grounded and clear energy that is no longer serving me, and it helps me relax, even when I'm in pain. Reiki is "universal life force energy" that flows through all of us and connects all of us. Universal energy is available to us at anytime, anywhere, we just have to be open to it. This is soul.


From all of this, I was able to continue my healing journey and shift thoughts and mindsets that were no longer serving me, and I discovered that healing happens when we address the whole self - mind, body, and soul. Don't get me wrong, I'm always learning, growing, and evolving...and this is where I am today. 

So this is The Whole Self. It is different than any other health coaching practice because you will have access to energy healing, meditation, cooking support and mindfulness tools so you will feel EMPOWERED to find your BEST and truest self with compassion, kindness, connection and understanding.

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"Energy work with Chelsea is a truly reviving experience. At 9 months pregnant she worked with me through Reiki to clear my energy, calm my nerves and help me get into a state of confidence and peace for what is to come! I felt completely renewed after our session - I highly recommend!"
-Stephanie R.
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